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Our products consist of differently seasoned and marinaded  jerky's that may range from beef, elk, bison, and goat and  even catfish.  Yes, I said catfish.  We are rednecks.  

Currently we are offering two flavors of beef jerky, Spicy Teriyaki & Sweet & Smokey BBQ.  Check back for more flavors or you can email me if you would like a custom batch made just for you.  Keep in mind our inventory is limited to the roadkill we find each day.  Just kidding we don't use roadkill or do we.

Our Story

It all started almost 20 years ago when I started making beef jerky with the Ronco dehydrator I received as a gift. I think it was a gag gift but I started making jerky and it was good.  Real good.  And I still have that dehydrator. So after a couple years of making jerky for friends and family I got a hair brain idea to start a jerky business.  Actually my RNC (Red Neck Cousin) and I had one too many adult beverages and came up with RedNeck Jerky and a marketing plan to launch the business.  Of course the next morning we couldn't remember the business plan, so I have used the last 18 years piecing it back together.  

That brings us to today.  We are a new start up, family run business, me and my 3 kids.  What started as a hobby almost 20 years ago is now an entrepreneurial experiment.  It is a way I can continue my hobby and teach my kids about business while having fun.   


Yes we have Hats and Shirts and Koozies!!!



army vs ou tailgate

1:00 pm - Till we are done

Norman, OK

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army vs ou tailgate

September 22 company lauanch

1:00 pm - Till we are done

Norman, OK

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